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AK Investigations
PO Box 68192
Nashville, Tennessee (United States)

Criminal Defense Investigator

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Job Category: Other
Job ID: 64355
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 11.18.2021


Job Description:

AK Investigations is a team of criminal defense investigators based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our mission is to help people accused of the most serious crimes by tenaciously investigating their cases to give them the best outcome, no matter their position in the world. We also focus on uncovering our clients’ life histories, contextualizing, and humanizing them to those who make decisions about their life and liberty. We value human dignity and equity for all those entangled in the legal system. 
We are looking for a new team member who shares our passion for social justice and uncovering hidden stories. Those who have done investigative reporting, social work, work in the mental health field, or any other jobs that require interviewing, research, and writing may be well-suited for this position. Those with prior investigative reporting experience are strongly encouraged to apply. Trained reporters and writers who know how to craft compelling stories with the raw material gleaned from hours of exhaustive interviews and details hidden in decades-old records have the skills essential to conducting the rigorous investigations necessary for securing the rights of our criminally accused clients.
The Criminal Defense Investigator will serve two primary functions as part of a defense team:
1. Investigate the facts and circumstances of the alleged crime by gathering documentary evidence and interviewing witnesses.
2. Conduct mitigation (life history) investigation for clients facing capital punishment, LWOP, federal sentencing, and other severe punishments.
Job Description:Compensation and Benefits
The salary for this position ranges from $47,000 to $60,000 depending on experience. Benefits include options between two medical insurance plans offered at a company subsidized rate, as well as optional vision and dental insurance. After one year of employment, employees are eligible for participation in a 401k plan with up to 4% employer contribution match. We offer paid holidays and two weeks paid time off annually on an accrual system. We offer three weeks paid time off annually after three years of employment. We have time policies that allow employees to flex their time when appropriate. We offer time and partial reimbursement to attend conferences annually to obtain continuing education credits. We offer bonuses based on hours billed beyond the minimum requirement. 
We offer an environment where our clients are at the center of all our efforts and we celebrate and support each other in this pursuit. 

Job Requirements:

How to apply:
Please e-mail cover letter, resume, a writing sample and references to Your application will not be considered if it is not complete. Prior to hiring, candidates will be subject to a thorough background investigation.